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James Foong

Supervising Solicitor

01322 897 888

James represents clients from the initial stages in the police station through to advocacy at trial in relation to all criminal offences.

Following a brief stint in legal recruitment, joined GT Stewart Solicitors as a trainee in 2006, qualified as a solicitor in 2008. Both police station and duty solicitor accredited.

Education and Qualifications:

LL.B Bachelor of Laws – School of Oriental and African Studies – First

LPC – BPP Law School – Distinction

Other interests:

James is a keen surfer, martial artist, astral projector, parapsychologist and amateur philosopher, with particular interests in evidence for the non-algorithmic nature of human consciousness, the transmissive function of the brain and the persistence of consciousness beyond the confines of a material reductionist paradigm, with the ultimate goal of reaching a more holistic and life affirming view of humanities role in the cosmos.


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