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Will is a Partner and an experienced criminal defence solicitor who has been working at GT Stewart since 2009. Will supervises a team of solicitors and paralegals at our Bromley office and is head of the private client department.

He is instructed by clients of all backgrounds who have cases at every stage of the criminal justice system. He has a strong reputation as an advocate, frequently dealing with complex hearings such as trials and other contested applications and also appears in the Crown Court. The team that he supervises has an excellent record of securing positive results for their clients, with a strong emphasis on good client care. In recent years, Will has successfully represented clients in serious and complex matters including allegations of violence including murder, sexual offences, road traffic matters and fraud.

Will has real expertise in dealing with vulnerable defendants and in particular those with mental health problems. He frequently represents clients in cases where issues such as fitness to plead and the defence of insanity arise. He understands the importance of instructing leading medical experts in these cases in order to obtain the best results for his clients.

Notable Cases

R v KF – an allegation of murder where our client was alleged to have been part of a joint enterprise to set fire to the victim’s home address. Our client was acquitted after trial.

R v GN – numerous allegations of historical rape of a family member over many years. Acquitted after trial.

R v BG – a former senior police officer who was acquitted of possessing and distributing indecent images of children.

R v RG – an allegation of murder involving multiple co-defendants, where our client was convicted of manslaughter after a full trial.

R v BS – a complex and serious allegation relating to the death of our client’s new born baby and which involved the instruction of a significant number of medical experts.

R v AJ – AJ was acquitted of controlling and coercive behaviour after analysis of a large amount of mobile phone evidence.

R v HK – an allegation of kidnap, blackmail, causing grievous bodily harm and false imprisonment. Our client was convicted of causing grievous bodily harm (s20) and was acquitted of all other charges.

R v LN – LN was found not guilty after trial of being drunk in charge of his motor vehicle after being arrested by police in the driver’s seat of his motor vehicle.

R v HO – found not guilty by reason of insanity of an aggravated burglary after HO used an axe to gain access to his neighbour’s home address and threatened the occupants.

Client Feedback

  • “Thank you Will. Will was extremely helpful throughout the entire process. From taking me through the different steps thoroughly and being very clear with me all the way (particularly for someone that had not needed legal advice before), his guidance and support was hugely appreciated. Will represented me in court, and for someone that had not set foot in a court room before and for someone that suffers with anxiety, it was very reassuring having him there. The outcome was very positive and I can not thank him enough for everything he did. I would recommend him to anyone that is seeking legal advice or representation. I also appreciated the Whatsapp over email communication style – I felt like this created an informality that made the situation feel less severe. He is very personal, kind and empathetic which made me put my trust in him completely, and I appreciated his patience with all my questions. Overall, I couldn’t have done it without him!”
  • “What I had to go through was made much easier by Will Russell. His professional, knowledge, and patience helped ease the stress of my legal problems by knowing I was in good hands.”
  • Exceptional Representation – “I cannot express enough gratitude towards the outstanding legal services I have had with my representation at the firm with my case now resolved. Over the course of my experience, I have had complete confidence in Will, Archie and everybody else involved in the case. I can assure you that with this firm, you will be in capable hands. Will is a true advocate for his clients, taking the time to understand every aspect of the case, having a consideration of all options and ensuring that I was well informed every step of the way. He demonstrated patience, professionalism and most of all compassion towards me. In what has been a truly difficult chapter of my life, Will has provided invaluable support and I would wholeheartedly recommend him to everyone. From the moment I met Archie, I was impressed by his expertise and coherence through his explanations of the case. You can tell that Archie has a passion and dedication for a deep understanding of law, leaving no stone unturned when conducting his case assessment. Once again, I could not recommend Archie enough. Thank you to everyone at the firm, I will be forever grateful for what you have done for me. I was never once made to feel insignificant and can only attest that ‘every client matters’ based on my own experience. To Will and Archie, thank you once again.”

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