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Prison Law Solicitors

Our Prison Law Team, which includes Dr Laura Janes and Rikki Garg as consultants, are able to help with a range of prison law issues under legal aid or private funding.

If legal aid is not available for any matter, we are happy to provide private quotes for assisting with a wide range of other prison law matters.

Our Prison Law Solicitors can help with the following prison law matters under Legal Aid:

  1. Adjudications before the Independent Adjudicator
  2. Sentence Calculation (relating to release date only)
  3. Parole Matters where the Parole Board have the power to direct release only.
  4. Segregation Matters (relating to CSC matters only)
  5. Category A Reviews
  6. Pre-Tariff Parole Reviews
  7. Parole Board Advice Reviews following removal from open conditions
  8. Representations to the Secretary of State for Executive Release

If you would like help in relation to any of the above matters, please contact our Prison Law Solicitors on 020 8299 6000.

Unfortunately, legal aid is no longer available for the following matters:

  1. Sentence Progression
  2. Adjudications before the Governor (written representations)
  3. Re-Categorisation
  4. Appeals against HDC Refusals
  5. Issues arising out of ROTL applications
  6. Appeal against licence conditions

However, we are happy to assist with the above matter on a private basis so please contact our team on 020 8299 6000 for a quote.

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