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Philip Mahoney

Assistant Solicitor & Higher Court Advocate
0113 222 4888

Phil is an experienced solicitor who is also a Higher Court Advocate. He represents defendants in the police station, the Magistrate’ Court and the Crown Court.  A qualified solicitor for over 15 years, Phil has dealt with all manner of criminal defence work, from motoring offences to complex drugs, sex, murder and firearms cases. His experience also includes defending people being prosecuted by agencies such as the RSPCA and the Department of Work and Pensions.

His years of working in legally aided practice have only increased Phil’s determination to ensure that all people accused of criminal offences receive representation from a knowledgeable and skilled advocate, which is reflected in the commitment he brings to all his cases  Phil joined GT Stewart in February 2018. Before that he worked in a variety of firms in Buckinghamshire and Bedfordshire.

Education and Qualifications

BA Law & Criminology

Diploma in Legal Practice

Qualified Duty Solicitor

Qualified Higher Rights Advocate

Law Society Qualification in the examination of vulnerable witnesses

Criminal Defence

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