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Max Konarek

Partner, Joint Head of the Family & Childcare Department
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Accredited member of the Law Society’s Children Panel

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Ranked as an "Up and Coming" Partner in Chambers & Partners 2023

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Ranked as an "Up and Coming” Partner in Chambers & Partners 2024

Leagl 500 Leasing Individual

Recognised as a Leading Lawyer by The Legal 500


Max joined GT Stewart Solicitors from a well respected Legal 500 firm is in October 2022 as Partner and Joint Head of the Family and Childcare Department. He is experienced Child Protection Solicitor and has been accredited on the Law Society’s Children Panel [a recognised quality standard for practitioners representing children in children law proceedings] since October 2015.

He is also:

  • Ranked as an “Up and Coming” partner in Chambers & Partners 2023 and 2024
  • A Recommend Lawyer in the 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023 & 2024 editions of the Legal 500 UK publication
  • Acknowledged in the Legal 500 UK 2024 publication as part of a Family Law Team “Firm to Watch”

Max represents clients that are based in the U.K. & worldwide, specialising in complex child protection court proceedings across England & Wales. Max has had the privilege of working with some of the best legal minds in the country on cases, instructing highly experienced King’s Counsel where necessary in proceedings that often centre around issues of:

  • The death of a child;
  • Shaken Baby allegations;
  • Genetic disorders mimicking child abuse;
  • Non-accidental injuries (NAI) including head injuries (NAHI), fractures and bruising;
  • Sexual abuse;
  • Fabricated Induced Illness (FII) and Perplexing Presentation (PP);
  • Cases where there are concurrent criminal proceedings;

Max has experience in acting for clients in:

  • Lengthy hearings (15+ days).
  • Complex cases in the High Court and Court of Appeal that have raised issues of law and of note there are several reported cases that have been published in the Law Reports.

Max deals with a case load solely in Child Protection, Care and Family Law matters, specialising in the following areas:

  • Public Law Proceedings (Care Proceedings and applications for Emergency Protection Orders) representing children, parents and other parties with an interest in the case, including those invited to intervene;
  • Special Guardianship Order Applications;
  • Placement Order and Adoption Order Applications;
  • Secure Accommodation Applications;
  • Deprivation of Liberty Applications (children);
  • Recovery Order Applications.
  • Cases where parents are involved with Social Services (Pre-Proceedings Meetings, Child Protection and Child In Need);
  • Applications under the Court’s Inherent Jurisdiction;
  • Wardship Applications;

Max also undertakes work in the following areas:

  • Private Law Children Work (Contact and Residence disputes, Prohibitive Steps and Specific Issue applications;
  • Injunctions (under the Family Law Act and Harassment Act);
  • Forced Marriage Order Applications;

Max represents clients that include:

  • Children;
  • Foreign nationals from across the world where English has not been their first language;
  • Parents from the Romany Gypsy and Travelling communities;
  • Neurodiverse clients;
  • Vulnerable adults and those with learning difficulties and learning disabilities;
  • Parents that are incarcerated;
  • Vulnerable adults where the Official Solicitor has become involved.

Many of the cases dealt with have involved complex legal issues with the focus covering various areas including non-accidental injuries, sexual abuse, physical abuse and neglect.

Client Reviews

  • “I started off with Max and Allison helping me the whole way and the help they have both given me along with the barristers was amazing, everything went as planned and all my questions answered. Couldn’t thank them enough for all the help and support through this past year!”
  • “Very quick to reply to questions. Felt confident in court with their representation of us. Very thorough with information and presentation.”
  • “I approached Max Konarek on recommendation to advise on a longstanding matter which unfortunately necessitated family court hearings to agree contact arrangements. From our initial consultation meeting, Mr Konarek exercised impeccable legal judgement, providing timely and measured legal advice. Given a number of sensitivities, Max was superb throughout proceedings, advising with clarity,” keeping me fully abreast of developments, all the while remaining accessible, responsive and managing somewhat tenacious counsel for the other side – this across a number of hearings spanning almost two years. I cannot recommend Max highly enough in matters pertaining to family law & child protection, and would not hesitate to call him again should I, or any of my close contacts require representation, particularly across complex cases.
  • “My solicitor is a very good lawyer. He has very good communication skills, and helped me understand everything that was going on. He researched everything. He is a people person and is not judgmental. Great! We won the case, even if it was difficult.”
  • “Max Konarek delivered on his promise. He acted with integrity and in a professional manner. We would recommend him without any reservations.”
  • Family Law with Max: “Max was clear, kind, helpful, straightforward and clearly knew his stuff and he updated us throughout the duration and it felt like he took on board concerns and suggestions and that was helpful. It was a very upsetting time and his kind calm understanding manner really helped. I would recommend him and his team wholeheartedly. He gave us confidence at a very bleak time. Thank you.”

Testimonials from other Legal Professionals

  • “One of the best in the country for the job: Max Konarek. He is one of the go-to solicitors for non-accidental injury cases, fabricated or induced illness and anything involving complex allegations. He already has a nationwide practice. I think he does everything for his clients. He manages it well. The job is demanding and relentless, but he manages it well. He’s forever in demand, really.”
  • “I’ve only worked with him [Max] on the other side, but knowing him as a solicitor he deals with ridiculously complex cases involving multi-generational sexual abuse and non-accidental injury. He’s proficient with the evidence. He is highly efficient in non-accidental injury and sexual abuse cases and the case is always prepped to the highest standard”.
  • “Max’s client service and general level of service and his level of sophistication are strong. Max is attentive to the needs of children when representing them.”
  • “The cases I get from Max are very complex. The work I do with Max is the more complex non-accidental injury work. It involves people with particular difficulties, so the work is very difficult, but it is also well prepped. Max is very hands-on and very good with clients, and I never have any issues with the cases he gives me… I think Max is, rather than just being focused on the paperwork, focused on the bigger picture. He makes sure things are organised earlier for clients. They have the opportunity to say what they need to say, rather than going through the motions, as he’ll be in regular contact with them to make sure they’re OK and that they feel they’re being listened to.
  • “He [Max] did a very difficult case recently, and a really high-profile one. He gets a lot of good, serious non-accidental injury work. Max is well-prepped and knows his cases inside out, he’ll send you a very clear brief. He’s very good, thorough and focused. He wants a good outcome for his clients. A good man like him has a lot of good attributes. He is focused, hardworking and approachable.”
  • “I didn’t think you could replace [another lawyer], but if you were going to you would hire Max because he’s enormously energetic. He is financially savvy and he knows how to look after the practice and the clients. He gets the power he has over the junior bar by having a lot of work, and he demands excellence from them and gets it as a result.”

Testimonials from Legal Directories

  • “Max Konarek is an experience family law solicitor who specialises in children matters”
  • “He’s very good at fighting his clients corner”
  • “Max has good attention to detail and will give clients very good client care”
  • “Max is well prepared, calm but, when appropriate, forceful in advocacy. He also provides leadership and sets the ethos of the team.”
  • “His client care skills and focus on getting the right outcome in court are really notable”
  • Max Konarek is well regarded and described as ‘an outstanding solicitor with a fortress of knowledge’.
  • I can highly recommend Max J. Konarek. His client care and fighting spirit is amongst the best I have seen in the last year. He is their champion and no legal aid client could ask for more. I have now done two cases for him which were complex cases where we faced allegations of child abuse on behalf of our client. Max was a terrier in getting the evidence we needed to fight their corner.’
  • ’Exceptional advocate’ Max Konarek is highly recommended for his work on behalf of children and vulnerable adults especially where allegations of serious abuse are concerned.
  • ’Max Konarek is very thorough and rigorous in his approach to cases. His preparation for hearings is extensive and analysis of the relevant issues fully detailed. He is independently minded and a solid advocate for children.’
  • Max Konarek is one of the top child care lawyers in the county. Thorough and diligent.
  • Max Konarek, whose ‘client care is superb’ and has ‘a work ethic like no other’, focuses his practice on the most complex cases involving non-accidental injuries, sexual abuse, jurisdictional issues, physical abuse and neglect.
  • Max Konarek is a really able Solicitor. I have been very impressed with his drive and judgment in public law children cases. He is always on top of the facts and the evidence and is a pleasure to work with.


  • Affiliate Member of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health [RCPCH number: 300837]



  • Re A – representation of an autistic mother in proceedings involving allegations of non-accidental injuries. Working with Stephen Chippeck (5 Kings Bench Walk).
  • Re B – representation of a foreign national teenage child abandoned in the UK. Links to Venezuela. Spain and the USA
  • Re C – complex proceedings involving representation of Mother in proceedings involving sexual abuse and non-accidental injuries. Working with Penny Howe KC (Pump Court & Stour Chambers) and Lydia Slee (Stour Chambers).
  • Re D – representation of teenage transgender child in Care Proceedings and Deprivation of Liberty Order proceedings.
  • Re E – complex proceedings involving representation of Father. Case involved non-accidental injuries and head injuries. Working with Paul Storey KC (29 Bedford Row) and Stephen Chippeck (5 Kings Bench Walk).
  • Re F – complex proceedings involving representation of Father. Case involved non accidental injuries and head injuries.
  • Re G – complex proceedings involving the representation of Father. Involved non-accidental injuries and the death of a child and concurrent criminal proceedings. Working with Paul Storey KC (29 Bedford Row) and Alexa Storey-Rea (29 Bedford Row).
  • Re H – complex proceedings involving the representation of Father. Involved non-accidental injuries. Working with Professor Jo Delahunty KC (4 Paper Buildings) and Stephen Chippeck (5 Kings Bench Walk).
  • Re I – complex proceedings involving the representation of Mother. Involved non-accidental injuries. Successful outcome with the Client absolved of any wrongdoing and children were returned to her care. Working with Paul Storey KC (29 Bedford Row) and Stephen Chippeck (5 Kings Bench Walk).
  • Re J – complex proceedings involving the representation of a foreign national Father. Client was absolved of causing non-accidental injuries to the children. Working with Lee Arnot (29 Bedford Row).
  • Re K – complex proceedings representing a mother with autism in proceedings involving allegations of Factitious or Induced Illness (FII). Proceedings heard in the High Court. Application to re-open a Fact Finding Hearing. Successful outcome with the children remaining in the care of our client. Working with Sam King KC (4 Paper Buildings) and Joanne Porter (4 Paper Buildings).
  • Re L – complex proceedings representation the Mother in proceedings where serious allegations of non-accidental injuries were addressed. Working with Paul Storey KC (29 Bedford Row) and Stephen Chippeck (5 Kings Bench Walk).
  • Re M – complex proceedings representing the Father in proceedings involving allegations of historical sexual abuse. Working with Damion Woodward-Carlton KC (42 Bedford Row) and Katie Phillips (42 Bedford Row)
  • Re N – complex proceedings in the High Court and Court of Appeal representing the mother in proceedings involving allegations of non-accidental injuries. Application to re-open an earlier Fact Finding Hearing. Working with Professor Jo Delahunty KC (4 Paper Buildings) and Joanne Porter (4 Paper Buildings).
  • Re O – complex proceedings in the High Court representing a father with learning difficulties; 4 parallel proceedings including proceedings involving an alleged non-accidental head injury, care proceedings and adoption proceedings, consolidated and heard together. Successful application to re-open a previous fact finding hearing in earlier proceedings. Working with Professor Jo Delahunty KC (4 Paper Buildings), Dorothea Gartland (4 Paper Buildings), Balinder Bath (4 Paper Buildings) and Jane Rayson (4 Paper Buildings).
  • Re P – complex proceedings representing a mother in proceedings involving allegations of non-accidental injuries (fractures). Working with Nick Goodwin KC (Harcourt Chambers) and Lydia Slee (42 Bedford Row).
  • Re Q – complex proceedings representing a mother with autism in proceedings involving allegations of Factitious or Induced Illness (FII). Working with Frank Feehan KC (1 Kings Bench Walk) and Alexa Storey-Rea (29 Bedford Row).
  • Re R – care proceedings where non-accidental injury fractures were alleged to have been caused by the parents. The court made no Threshold findings at all against the father, completely exonerating him and his child was returned immediately after the conclusion of the Fact Finding Hearing. Representing a vulnerable client through the Official Solicitor and working with Lydia Slee (42 Bedford Row)
  • Re S – care proceedings where the child was removed from our client’s care at the start of the proceedings. Client had undiagnosed ADHD which was identified and assessed in proceedings leading to the correct support being implemented for our client. Case concluded with the child being returned to the client’s care.

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