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Winner of the Kent Law Society Junior Lawyer Award 2024

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Kristin is a Family & Childcare Executive based in our Margate Office. She joined GT Stewart in 2022 having previously worked at another Legal 500 recognised firm. Kristin is currently studying her Level 6 Diploma in Law and Practice with the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives, having completed her Level 3 Diploma in March 2020.

With over 10 years’ experience in public & private law Children Act proceedings, Kristin can represent parents at all stages including pre-proceedings meetings, care proceedings, adoption, contact with children in care, discharge of Care Orders, Special Guardianship Orders, Child Arrangement Orders (residence and contact). Kristin also has experience in representing alternative carers (family members or friends) who have been positively assessed to care for children that may not be able to remain with their parents.

Kristin regularly represents vulnerable clients, those with learning difficulties and foreign nationals. She is experienced in cases where the Official Solicitor is involved and is adept at explaining the proceedings in a friendly and straightforward way. Kristin often works with survivors of domestic abuse both in seeking protective orders and in ongoing contact/residence disputes. Kristin attends the Rising Sun Domestic Abuse drop ins at the Riverside Children’s Centre (Canterbury) and Poppy Centre (Herne Bay) to support survivors of domestic abuse in accessing legal advice.

Court proceedings can be an intimidating and stressful process, but Kristin strives to be sensitive and approachable to those she represents.

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  • Member of Kent Law Society
  • Associate Member of the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives

Client Reviews

“You were very good. You always explained things to me so I understood what was going to happen. Thank you so much Kristin. I really am grateful to you and I will always recommend you to people.”

“Very happy with service provided, very prompt reply and effective and efficient service.”

“Thank you very much for all the advice and support you gave me.”

“Thank you so much for the support from yourself & the team I really appreciate it.”

“Thank you so much for all your help. You’ve been amazing, Sadie too.”

“Thank you for working with me and for all your help and support.”

“Thank you for your kindness and level of understanding and support.”

“Thank you could not of done all this without you so from the bottom of my heart thank you sooooo much.”

Testimonials from other Legal Professionals

“Kristin instructed me on a care case today and it is only right that I should let you know how much work she put in. The case involves a young boy who has complex and life-limiting health conditions. In readiness for the first ICO hearing Kristin prepared a statement from M and another from MGM – the former in particular was lengthy, detailed and comprehensive. I know that Kristin worked on the case over the weekend and after hours. Kristin also came to court today to support the mother. This was invaluable and greatly appreciated by the client and by me. In short, Kristin’s work on, and commitment to, this case has been absolutely first class.”

“I wanted to let you know how superb Kristin Sharp is in her work. Kristin represents a number of parents on my case load and I am reassured by this as I know they are getting excellent support and legal advice. Kristin is a trooper, she is hard working and dedicated to her job. Kristin has many parents with complex needs and demands but she advocates for them very well.”

“I have known Kristin since she started to work in my specialist field of child protection law. I have come across her both as my instructing solicitor and as the representative of opposing parties. I have always found her to be quite exceptionally dedicated to her clients whilst keeping firmly in mind the legal and factual issues in the case and giving realistic and clear advice. She is extremely hard working and will always take pains to do all that is necessary to advance her clients’ cases.”

“Kristin is a rising star in the world of public law children act work. She is well recognised as a diligent, meticulous, and compassionate lawyer. Her ability in promoting her client’s case, and welfare, coupled with her personable approach to both clients and professionals alike, means she is an outstanding junior lawyer. She has special capabilities in dealing with vulnerable clients ensuring their understanding and treating them with dignity in the process.”

“I have worked with Kristin, both instructed by her and being against her. Kristin works exceptionally hard for her clients and is always well prepared. Care proceedings can be both factually and emotionally complex and Kristin skilfully navigates this difficult path to ensure that her client understand the issues and can express themselves fully. She ensures that her clients are fully and diligently represented and that they are fully and properly able to engage the court process.”

“When working with Kristin, I am always struck by how wonderfully clear, compassionate and proactive her communication is, not only with myself but also her clients and other parties, which helps ensure the best possible outcomes when working in highly emotive cases, with clients who often have complex needs.”

“Kristin is a junior lawyer in the Kent branch of GT Stewart. She has an eagerness to learn and is dedicated to her clients. Kristin goes above and beyond in the service she provides to her clients, and is one of the most hardworking lawyers I have the pleasure to work with.”


Re A.
Representation of a parent resident in Wales, transferred from another firm. The case involved an allegation of potential non-accidental injury, domestic abuse and behaviour of a child that could be considered beyond parental control. Following expert assessment and lengthy proceedings, the case successfully concluded with all children being returned to the client’s care.

Re B.
Representation of a parent, transferred from another firm. The case involved concerns surrounding alcohol misuse and domestic abuse. After positive assessment and engagement in work, the case successfully concluded with the children being returned to the client.

Re C.
Support provided to Ryan Booth of GT Stewart Solicitors in a complex case involving allegations of serious sexual assault of a child. Due to the number of perpetrators within the pool of those who could have inflicted such injuries to the child, the matter was listed for a lengthy 6 week Fact Finding Hearing (FFH) involving an array of Leading and Junior Counsel. Kristin assisted with attendance at the FFH to support client and Counsel, Jo Delahunty KC and Maria Hancock. Kristin also assisted with the attendance at client appointments for the purpose of statement drafting and provision of advice.

Re D.
Representation of a Romanian parent within care proceedings by way of the Official Solicitor. The case involved complex mental health issues, detention under the Mental Health Act and consideration of Wookey v Wookey [1991].

Re E.
Representation of a parent within care proceedings involving a child with complex needs. This is a case involving the reliance of Re W (A Child) [2021]. The matter concluded successfully with the child remaining in the care of the parents and no public law orders being made.

Re F.
Representation of a parent resident in Pakistan within care proceedings. The case involves an application for an assessment of a family member also resident in Pakistan through Children and Families Across Borders.

Re G.
Representation of a parent within care proceedings involving serious allegations of grooming and risk of sexual abuse. Kristin secured representation for the client by Barbara Connelly KC and Stephen Chippeck.

Re H.
Representation of a parent within care proceedings where concerns were raised around poor mental health and addiction. After lengthy proceedings of around 2 years, the client was successful in having the children returned home.

Re I.
Representation of a parent within lengthy care proceedings involving the Family Drug and Alcohol Court. This was the longest running FDAC case in Kent and the client was successful in the rehabilitation of all the children home.

Re J:
Representation of an Estonian parent within care proceedings due to concerns surrounding severe mental health issues and admittance to hospital. Whilst initially assisted by the Official Solicitor, the client regained her capacity to litigate and was successful in the return of the child home.

Re K:
Representation of a parent within care proceedings due to concerns surrounding neglect and animal cruelty. This case ran concurrently with criminal proceedings.

Re L.
Representation of a parent from Pakistan within care proceedings where, following a successful period in a residential placement, the client was successful in retaining the care of the child.

Re M.
Representation of grandparents resident in Scotland in an application for discharge of Care Orders and the making of a Special Guardianship Order (SGO). This was a successful application and the children now reside with them long term. Following an application by the local authority to the Scottish courts, the SGO made by the Court in England and Wales is now recognised as a legal order in Scotland.

Re N.
Support provided to Max Konarek of GT Stewart Solicitors in a complex matter involving allegations of non-accidental injury. Kristin assisted in the attendance at the lengthy FFH to support client and Counsel, Jo Delahunty KC and Stephen Chippeck.

Re O.
Support provided to Max Konarek of GT Stewart Solicitors in a complex matter involving allegations of non-accidental injury and the re-opening of an earlier Fact Finding Hearing. Kristin assisted in liaison with the client, drafting of documents and attending the lengthy re-opened Fact Finding Hearing to support client and Counsel, Jo Delahunty KC and Jo Porter.



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