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Causing Death by Dangerours Driving

Death by dangerous driving solicitors

If you are convicted of causing death by dangerous driving you will almost inevitably receive a prison sentence.

Your case can only be dealt with at a Crown Court and if you plead not guilty your case will be decided by a jury.  This is a most serious offence, call GT Stewart on 020 8299 6000 for immediate and specialist legal advice and assistance.  This should include you being represented by GT Stewart when you are interviewed by the police so that a decision can be made about how best to conduct your defence.

The court has the power to impose a 14 year term of imprisonment if you are conviction, which can have a devastating impact on you and your family.  The court has the power to disqualify you from driving for a minimum of 2 years and require you to undertake an extended driving test.

Do you have a defence?

In order to prove the offence, the prosecution must establish that your driving would have been obviously dangerous to a reasonably competent driver, and that your driving was a cause of the death of another person.   Whether or not your driving was dangerous is established on a variety of factors for example if you were driving at high speed, your driving was aggressive, you were overtaking illegally, driving whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs and a number of other aggravating features.  We will gather witness statements, instruct experts to carry out investigations and prepare a report for your case, and defend your case in accordance with your instructions.

Call GT Stewart on 020 8299 6000 and speak to a member of our specialist motoring law team or use our online enquiry form.

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