Misson Statement

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We will be there for you in the most challenging and stressful of times: saving your accommodation, fighting for your child, righting wrongs, preserving your reputation or keeping your liberty.

We work in partnership with our clients presenting them with plain choices using non-technical language.

We will try to explain our advice so that you can decide what is best for you. Our relationship with you is based on mutual trust and confidence and we will do everything we can to ensure we have trust and confidence in one another. You may not welcome or agree with our advice but we will ensure you understand it.

We will always fight to get the best outcome for you.

We recognize the insidious and negative effect of inequality and discrimination.

We understand that some of our clients have suffered from difficult life experiences, have fought addictions or struggled with mental or physical impairments.

We will always act ethically which means we do the best for you without misleading anyone, including you. If we do something wrong we must tell you and advise you what you can do about it.

We will only take on a case if we have the necessary expertise in that area of law and the capacity to act with the urgency your case requires.

We try to promote a culture of mutual respect and we will not tolerate rudeness, abuse or discourtesy to you, our colleagues or anyone else.

We constantly try to improve both individually and collectively as a team of professionals working for access to justice and providing the best possible legal advice.

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