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Domestic Abuse & Personal Protection Advice

At GT Stewart, we know that matters concerning family and private life are the most sensitive to deal with, which is why our experienced family team will listen to your concerns, wishes and feelings, and work to get you the best outcome to suit your needs.

Domestic Abuse (Non-Molestation and Occupation Orders)

Domestic violence, also called domestic abuse, is an issue that unfortunately affects far more people than you might imagine, but you do not need to suffer in silence.

Many people believe domestic abuse is only physical violence against a person but abuse can be emotional, sexual, verbal and controlling and coercive behaviour. Additionally it can include threatening and degrading behaviour and financial control.

This behaviour can arise in couple relationships or between family members. It can happen on one occasion or on a series of occasions.

It is important to note that due to the impact of coronavirus and being confined to our homes, many of us are isolated from supportive family, friends or organisations.

Additionally, some of us at home are experiencing an increase in abusive behaviour and/or violence. Domestic abuse has greatly increased since lockdown with an increase in calls and online requests for help.

Protect yourself from Domestic Abuse

For years, GT Stewart has been helping wives, husbands, partners and children to escape their abusers, regain their lives, protect themselves and their children.

We can help by obtaining Orders to protect you from any form of abuse, verbal or physical, as well as Orders so that the abuser has to leave the shared/family home.

Escape from Domestic Violence

No matter what your religion, race, community or origin is, whether you are married or in a relationship, whether there are children involved or not, you have a human and legal right to live free from physical violence and mental abuse.

At GT Stewart we are here to help you escape from an abusive situation. You can make a change and we are here to hold your hand throughout. We are experienced solicitors who will ensure a rapid change of circumstances for you.

GT Stewart offer a safe and completely confidential environment in which to share your story so that we can help you take control over your future.

As well as providing extensive legal advice and action, including Orders for your personal protection, we can also connect you with organisations that will be able to offer a variety of practical ways to help you and your children.

If you need advice or assistance with any domestic violence matter, we are here to help.

Forced Marriage

Forced marriage is a form of domestic violence and child abuse. In a forced marriage, the victim is pressured into marrying someone against their will.

They may be physically threatened or emotionally blackmailed to do so. It is an abuse of your human right and cannot be justified on any religious or cultural basis. It is an issue that unfortunately can affect a lot of people but there is help to hand.

We at GT Stewart Solicitors have been assisting victims who find themselves in this situation and we can assist you to regain your life, protect yourself and your children.

If you are being or were pressured by threat or coercion, from family or others, to marry someone without your consent, this may well constitute forced marriage. It is a violation of your human rights. This is an internationally recognised standard and at GT Stewart Solicitors we can help you regain your freedom.

The Forced Marriage (Civil Protection) Act 2007 became law in 2008. This allows family courts to make Forced Marriage Protection Orders to protect someone from being forced into a marriage.

An Order can also be made to protect someone who has already been forced into marriage to help remove them from the situation.

We at GT Stewart Solicitors can assist you in obtaining these Orders. We offer a safe and completely confidential environment in which to share your story so we can help you take back control over your life. As well as providing specialist legal advice and action, including obtaining these Orders, we can also connect you with relevant organisations which are able to offer a range of practical ways to help you and your children.

If you need advice or assistance with a forced marriage matter, we are here to help.

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