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Archie is a client focused, results driven and fiercely competitive criminal defence solicitor. He offers clients hard work, a keen eye for detail and a compassionate understanding of their issues and needs.

He is a tenacious advocate in both the Magistrates Court and the Crown Court, spending much of his time on his feet at trials in the Magistrates Courts and hearings in the Crown Court. Archie also has a fastidious approach to his litigation work which includes preparing for Crown Court Trial a range of cases from assault emergency worker to detaining a child, assisting unlawful immigration and rape.

He is fascinated by the British Legal System, its laws, procedures and shortcomings and he utilises this interest to assist his clients in whatever way he can.

Before joining the legal profession Archie studied Philosophy and Politics at Bristol University, then completing a postgraduate law conversion course and the Legal Practice Course Masters. For the latter he wrote a dissertation on the effectiveness of Referral Orders in the Youth Justice System.

On finishing his studies Archie completed a Sixth month internship with an NGO in South India which provided free alternative dispute resolution, legal education and campaigned against human rights abuses. Whilst there he wrote the first draft of a book detailing their 25 year history and methods for achieving justice in the Indian Legal System.

R v M – Highbury Corner Magistrates Court (2020)
M faced charge of theft at trial. Successful half time submission of no case to answer on the basis that officer’s ID evidence was inadmissible due to lack of continuity with the exhibited photograph he was relying on.

R v A – Bromley Magistrates Court (2021)
A was a youth when alleged incident occurred, accused of common assault. Secured acquittal for A at trial after successfully discrediting the prosecution witnesses in cross examination.

R v R – Woolwich Crown Court (2022)
R had been convicted in the Magistrates Court of threatening his neighbour with a knife when represented by another firm of solicitors. He appealed the case to the Crown Court and instructed GT Stewart. Archie obtained previously unused evidence and utilised it to have R’s conviction quashed at Woolwich Crown Court.

R v T – Croydon Crown Court (2020)
T faced a potential life sentence for false imprisonment with intent to commit a sexual offence, there was prolonged litigation with the CPS over the victim’s phone and social media accounts. Following a ruling in T’s favour the CPS offered a plea to ABH.

R v T – Woolwich Crown Court (2021)
In-house Advocate Elena Papamichael secured unanimous acquittals for her client in relation to all counts on the indictment at Woolwich Crown Court. S was charged with assault occasioning actual bodily harm, threats to kill and criminal damage. The case involved an allegation of domestic violence and S faced up to 2.5 years in custody if convicted. The solicitor with conduct of the case was Archie Manby, assisted by paralegal Sophie Evans and police station representative Len Hodkin.

R v Y – Southwark Crown Court (2022)
Y was acquitted at Southwark Crown represented by in-House Counsel Edward Fenner who was instructed by Archie Manby. Y faced trial on charges of Child Abductions and Rape along with 9 other defendants. Mr Fenner was able to demonstrate the serious failings in a Kent Police investigation dating back 4 years. This meant not only that vital evidence had been missed but the Police failed to properly consider the reliability of the accusations made.

Professional Qualifications

  • BSc. Philosophy and Politics, 2:1 – University of Bristol
  • Graduate Diploma in Law, commendation – University of Law
  • Legal Practice Course LLM, Commendation – Nottingham Law School

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