Emma Haley
  • Location: Manchester
  • Role: Senior Solicitor & Higher Court Advocate
  • Practice Area: Criminal Defence and Motoring Law

Education and Qualifications

LlB (Hons)


Duty Solicitor

Higher Court Advocate



Emma Haley is a Higher Court Advocate.  She represents clients in both the Magistrates and Crown Courts.  Known for her meticulous approach to case preparation and strong advocacy skills, she has a wealth of experience in criminal and motoring law, and has successfully defended cases ranging from speeding violations to murder.


Professional History

Emma has worked at several  national firms in Nottingham, Bristol and Yorkshire.  She joined GT Stewart in 2017.


Emma’s more recent cases include

R v H:     Possession of an offensive weapon. The police initially promised to deal with a matter at the police station, but instead issued   a court date.  Emma successfully persuaded a Judge to refer the case  back to the police station and the client was given a police caution.


R v A:  Joint enterprise Murder bail application:.   Emma persuaded a Crown Court Judge to grant liberty to her client while the case was ongoing.  The co-defendant remained remanded in custody throughout the case.

R v S:   A client was charged with an assault in a nightclub. The complainant had suffered bruising and there were several witnesses.  S  said she had  acted in self-defence.   Emma immediately started a series of applications for disclosure which revealed gaps in the prosecution case with the result that the Judge  excluded most of the prosecution statements and the case was “dropped”..

R v A: Emma’s client was charged with assault having allegedly kicked a teenager. Evidence from a doctor which referred to a footprint on the alleged victim’s face was used expertly by Emma in cross examination of witnesses, resulting in a Not Guilty verdict.





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