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Financial Claims Solicitors

We act regularly for individuals who wish to make a financial claim, following the end of a relationship.

Our Financial Claims Solicitors offer you comprehensive advice, assistance and guidance in relation to these claims.

We act regularly for individuals who wish to make a financial claim, following the end of a relationship. It is important to receive advice early on so that you know your rights and entitlements in relation to financial claims. This advice might cover the division of capital assets and family assets, on dealing with pensions, and on income and maintenance for yourself and your children.

Our Financial Claims Solicitors can assist you in connection with reaching a financial settlement with your former cohabitant, spouse or civil partner and to prepare a written agreement or a draft consent order for the Court’s approval. If a settlement cannot be reached, we can represent you in Court proceedings in relation to your financial claim.

We aim to make funding your Family Law legal advice as straight forward as possible. No two cases are ever the same; we offer flexibility in obtaining advice which is bespoke for you. We can provide a number of funding options depending on the level of advice you require and your budget including:

• Fixed fee initial consultation
• staged payments
• Hourly rate private fee scheme

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