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Finances upon Divorce or Dissolution of Civil Partnerships

We understand the stress and emotion surrounding the breakdown of a relationship. No matter whether yours is a marriage, civil partnership or less formal family unit, when it starts to dissolve, over time or suddenly, disputes can easily arise and legal proceedings will be required to formalise the separation of individuals, finances and assets.

Experienced Supportive Family Law Solicitors

Our team are all experienced family law solicitors and as members of Resolution we are committed to a code of practice which enshrines a constructive, non-confrontational approach to family law matters. Essentially this means that we always seek the fairest and fastest way for you and your partner to find the closure you need to move forward with your lives. A protracted, traumatic experience is not in anyone’s interest, especially when children are involved.

Financial Settlement and Asset Redistribution

GT Stewart solicitors our lawyers are skilled at negotiating financial settlements and settling financial disputes between parties – including the division of savings, assets and the family home.

If you are considering divorce, separation or dissolution of your civil partnership, we know that the financial implications can be very worrying for many of our clients.

We can advise you on all the financial matters you will need to consider, and help you to make financial arrangements that protect your interests and those of any children.

Your home: property adjustment orders

Property Adjustment Orders are court orders that determine what happens to the family home when you divorce or separate. Because these orders are usually final, we strongly advise that you talk to us about the implications of any agreement you make with your former partner.

Maintenance orders & enforcement

We can help you with the arrangements for a maintenance order for yourself or your spouse and with maintenance orders for your children. We can also advise you on enforcement of a maintenance order, if your former partner has stopped the payments.

Lump sum payments

We can advise you on the best course of action in your specific personal circumstances. If the most appropriate solution for you on separation is going to be the transfer of a lump sum from one partner to the other, we can assist you with the negotiations for an appropriate amount, as well as any other arrangements for a clean-break settlement.

Pension sharing orders

Many of our clients overlook the fact that a pension that has been paid into for the duration of your marriage or civil partnership is also a joint asset. We can help you with pension sharing orders, ensuring that you benefit from this joint asset.

If you need advice or assistance with your divorce, separation, or financial settlement, we are here to help.

We aim to make funding your Family Law legal advice as straight forward as possible. No two cases are ever the same; we offer flexibility in obtaining advice which is bespoke for you. We can provide a number of funding options depending on the level of advice you require and your budget including:

• Fixed fee initial consultation
• staged payments
• Hourly rate private fee scheme

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