Max Konarek Profile

Following the recent emerging news of the Suspect Inflicted Head Injury Service Pilot (SIHIS), there growing concern amongst practitioners about the complete lack of consultation prior to the pilot being quietly rolled out in Birmingham, Manchester and Sheffield.

Max Konarek, Partner and Joint Head of the Family & Childcare Department at GT Stewart Solicitors is quoted alongside Professor Jo Delahunty KC of 4 Paper Buildings in the Local Government Lawyer today and can be read here.

Additionally Max raises that:

The information produced thus far from the Department for Education is wholly inadequate and raises more questions than it provides answers.

We have had no acknowledgement or response from the Law Society as yet; no acknowledgement or response from Resolution as yet; and whilst the Association have at least acknowledged and circulated the DfE narrative, a substantive response is awaited

A collaborative multi-disciplinary approach to this new pilot is required immediately to ensure that the Article 6 and 8 Rights of the children, parents and family members that we represent are not lost.”

If you are a family member involved in a case that is referred to the Suspected Inflicted Head Injury Service (SIHIS) Pilot in any capacity please get in touch with Max Konarek immediately on