Kristin Sharp Profile

Kristin Sharp is a Rising Star in our Family & Childcare Department and has received some superb feedback from counsel instructed in one of her cases this week.

We wanted to shine a light on the commitment and dedication Kristin provides to her clients in what must have been a very difficult and emotional time for all those involved.

Kristin instructed me on a care case today and it is only right that I should let you know how much work she put in.

The case involves a young child who has complex and life-limiting health conditions.  In readiness for the first interim care order (ICO) hearing, Kristin prepared a statement from our client and another family member – the former in particular was lengthy, detailed and comprehensive.

I know that Kristin worked on the case over the weekend and after hours. Kristin also came to court today to support our client. This was invaluable and greatly appreciated by the client and by me.

In short, Kristin’s work on, and commitment to, this case has been absolutely first class.