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Child Abduction

We are on the government’s ICACU (International Child Abduction and Contact Unit) panel of solicitors and will work to help either parent to find an urgent resolution to this situation.

No matter why one parent wishes to remove their child or children from the family home or even their country of residence, the other parent will seek their return. In these matters, our paramount concern is for the welfare of the children involved, and to support you, our client, through this traumatic time.

National and International Child Abduction Lawyers

We have years of experience working with parents on both sides of these type of disputes.

Multilingual Team Here to Help

We have a great deal of success in locating parents who have abducted their children, and in finding ways to bring these families back together again. We have solicitors who are fluent in languages other than English and have access to interpreters if/when needed to.

The law surrounding child abduction can be as complex as the reasons why a parent would abduct a child in the first place, but we are here to guide you through the application for orders, the search for your children, and the full legal process. We are here to listen, to advise and to help.

If you need advice or assistance with any Child Abduction Matter, we are here to help.

Please see our free fact sheet on Child Abduction that answers some commonly asked questions.

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