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It is important to receive advice early on so that you know your rights and entitlements in relation to financial claims. This advice might cover the division of capital assets and family assets, including the family home, on dealing with pensions, and also on income and maintenance for yourself and your children.

In our team, we have dedicated and highly experienced lawyers who can offer you advice in relation to financial claims and remedies whether from a current or former cohabitant, spouse or civil partner, to guide you through your options and to assist you with the most appropriate steps to help achieve the best outcome for you and your children.

Our Family Team subscribe to Resolution’s Code of Practice and are committed to reducing the conflict for families dealing with separation and related issues. We use our knowledge, resources and experience to deliver the best outcomes for our clients.

What we can offer

We can offer you advice and assistance with:

  • Dealing with finances on separation, on divorce, judicial separation or dissolution of a civil partnership
  • Pre and post marriage agreements
  • Pre and post civil partnership agreements
  • Separation agreements
  • We can assist you in connection with reaching a financial settlement with your former cohabitant, spouse or civil partner and to prepare a written agreement or a draft consent order for the Court’s approval. If a settlement cannot be reached, we can represent you in Court proceedings in relation to your financial claims.

We understand that there are clients who are concerned about protecting their assets on a divorce or dissolution of a civil partnership, for example, they are bringing significant assets of their own into the marriage or civil partnership. In these circumstances, a pre-marriage agreement or a pre-civil partnership agreement may be appropriate. We can offer you advice and assist you in relation to these agreements.

We Would say this…but

We can assist you with your matter from day one and our highly trained lawyers can provide you with representation at Court. We undertake privately funding work as well as Legal Aid. We have very competitive rates. Additionally, we offer fixed fee appointments and assistance to enable you to manage your case costs.

What we’ve done for others

Case A

We acted for the mother in care proceedings issued in the High Court after the serious injury to her child relating to shaken baby syndrome and thought to be as a result of Non Accidental Injury at the hands of the mother or father. The matter was transferred to the firm from former solicitors who are a well known firm that has acted in some of the most famous UK Human Rights Cases because it was felt our team that could best carry the matter forward and deliver a result for the client. There was complex medical evidence relating to whether the child had suffered a medical trauma that resulted in the mother shaking him or whether the shaking had caused a medical trauma in the baby. Having re examined the client’s account of events, we were able to provide an account that the panel of eminent experts in the field of Non Accidental Injury concurred was consistent and credible, resulting in the child returning home to the parents and preventing proceedings being brought in relation to her unborn child.

Case B

We acted for the children in a complex appeal before the President of the Family Division. It concerned a Father’s appeal against a decision of District Judge. The local authority’s ‘threshold’ statement asserted that all six children had suffered significant harm. In support of that assertion the local authority relied on nine specific allegations. The District Judge found all nine allegations proved. The Father sought a rehearing of the first four allegations before a different judge. The Local Authority accepted that certain findings should be discharged. The District Judge refused the applications for a rehearing, discharged certain of her findings, and gave directions for a final hearing. The Local Authority sought to cross-appeal. The court allowed the appeal and cross-appeal.

What others say about us

The Family Law team at GTS is diverse in relation to age, gender and ethnicity as befits its inner city clientele; young paralegals work alongside seasoned members of the Children Panel. What all members have in common is a determination to leave no stone unturned in representing their frequently embattled clients and presenting their cases with verve, skill and determination.” Edward Lloyd-Jones, Counsel, FOURTEEN

What all members have in common is a determination to leave no stone unturned.

No matter how difficult or serious the situation Bill portrays a calm demeanour whilst at his core he is a ferocious and tenacious lawyer. He questions dogma and thinks outside the box on order to win the day. Bill has a rare quality, he recognises the difference between Law and Justice. He is thoughtful in his approach and determined in his actions. In essence he is a fighter not a foot soldier.” Andrew Scott, Counsel, Blackstone Chambers.

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