1. LH young male faced serious charges of GBH with intent with 5 other co-defendants whilst at HMYOI Cookham Wood.  The allegation involved 6 defendants attacking a another inmate described by the Judge like a ‘pack of wolves’, stamping on his head, kicking to the face and torso causing a broken cheek bone. LH represented by Ronnie Manek our in-house barrister was acquitted after trial at Maidstone Crown Court. the 5 other co-defendants were convicted (pleaded guilty) and received lengthy terms of imprisonment. The solicitor representative was Pete Boyle.
  1. KA was charged with a serious Affray with his wife (BC) and daughter (TG) involving a metal baseball bat. The attack allegedly took place in Gillingham Town Centre which the prosecution said was a revenge attack. The fracas involved a group attack on two girls and to boys with weapons, fists and kicks. KA was represented by in-house barrister Ronnie Manek acting as first defendant, BC and TG were represented by in-house barristers Jodie Mole and Clare Antenen respectively. All defendants were unanimously acquitted after 1hr 20 minutes by the jury after a 5 day trial at Maidstone Crown Court. All there were represented by our solicitors Len Hodkin and Pete Boyle.
  1. RT was initially charged with a serious GBH with intent with 3 other defendants in a group attack at HMYOI Cookham Wood. The Allegation involved punching and stamping on the victim’s head. The GBH with intent charge was dismissed at Maidstone Crown Court on a legal point and RT pleaded guilty to the lesser offence of ABH. After lengthy mitigation by our in-house barrister Ronnie Manek, RT received an 8 month Youth Rehabilitation Order. RT’s solicitor was Melanie Stooks who heads out Youth Court Department.