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Sexual Offences

No one wants to be accused of a sexual crime but if you are its usually one person’s word against yours

That often means the person who is believed wins the case so you need a lawyer to prove the other person is lying equally as you are telling the truth.

At GT Stewart we appreciate that clients facing proceedings involving allegations of sexual offences face unique stresses and concerns including the stigma of facing such charges and the potential consequences in the result of a conviction.

We have years of experience in dealing with police investigations and court proceedings for sexual offences ranging from rape charges to possession of indecent images. We recommend that clients obtain legal representation at the earliest possible opportunity as there are a range of issues that a lawyer may be able to assist you with at the outset, which may have an impact on the overall success of the case.

  • Should you provide intimate samples to the police when requested?
  • Is it in your interests to put forward an account to the police during interview?
  • Should you instruct an expert to provide a report challenging the Prosecution case on issues such as forensic evidence or medical opinions?
  • Should statements be taken from defence witnesses to rebut aspects of the Prosecution case?

We have a strong understanding of what it takes to pro-actively prepare a defence case in these circumstances and as a consequence we have developed a strong reputation for obtaining not guilty verdicts for our clients.

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