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Ronnie Manek

Barrister & Head of Crown Court Advocacy
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Ronnie is committed to ensuring that people have a voice in the justice system. He is a very experienced advocate with substantial experience of dealing with cases of sensitivity and complexity for over 15 years.

Ronnie specialises in Criminal Defence work (in the widest sense). His criminal work involves the range of serious offences, in particular homicide, serious sexual or violent offending, Drugs & Firearms, serious organised and/or complex crime and crimes which occur in the prison environment and ‘Baby Shaking’ cases.

His experience over the years has also given him a highly useful grounding in subjects relevant to conducting complex white collar fraud trials. His ability to explain complex matters clearly and simply are of particular value in this area.

His criminal defence work has become specialised with vulnerable individuals, usually in cases of complexity or sensitivity requiring experienced and precise advocacy and forensic skills.

He has particular expertise in cases involving vulnerable people, particularly clients (or complainants). He has substantial experience in cases which involved mentally disordered individuals, individuals with learning difficulty or individuals who need particularly sensitive care, for example very young clients or witnesses. He is an approved Pupil Supervisor who has attended the Vulnerable Witness Advocacy Course, which is a compulsory requirement for advocates who conduct cases involving children, for example, child abuse, sexual abuse involving children and young defendants.

Ronnie is engaged in many cases which require an understanding and testing of the evidence of experts, in particular pathologists, forensic experts, scientific or medical experts and psychiatrists. His experience in complex money laundering, fraud, drugs , firearms and murder conspiracies had enabled him to dissect forensic material with a fine toothed comb and summarise the real issues that require scrutiny.

Ronnie is an accomplished trial advocate. He is not afraid of hard work or challenging cases and is often instructed in large multi-handed cases, particular where emotions may run high. He has been involved in a number of high profile trials and, as such, is used to dealing with cases which attract a good deal of publicity. Recently, Ronnie featured in a ‘Baby Shaking’ Channel 5 documentary in one of his real life cases. He also appeared on BBC1 Panorama documentary on joint enterprise murder “guilt by association” involving a defendant he represented in a 9 week trial at the Old Bailey.


The following cases, which are some of those undertaken by Ronnie, demonstrate the range of his practice:

  • R v MU, Conspiracy to Supply Class A drugs, Leading Junior, Woolwich CC. February – March 2020.
  • R v AG, Conspiracy to Supply Class A Drugs, Leading Junior. Southwark CC. January 2020.
  • R v LL, Historical Rape, Led Junior, Inner London Crown Court. January 2020.
  • R v SOR, Murder (self-defence/Diminished Responsibility), Led Junior. Central Criminal Court. December 2019 (adjourned until July 2020)
  • R v WT, Murder (Diminished Responsibility), Led Junior Central Criminal Court. November 2019.
  • R v RDW, Murder (Loss of Control), Led Junior, Snaresbrook CC. October/November 2019.
  • R v DJ, Possession of a firearm with intent to endanger life. Acquitted. Inner London crown Court, September 2019.
  • R V SF, Led junior MURDER X 2, woman alleged to have murdered her twins, acquitted or murder, convicted of manslaughter by diminished responsibility. She received s .45a Metal Health Act sentence.
  • R v AO, vulnerable 16 year old Aggravated Burglary & Affray, multi-handed trial, Maidstone CC, July 2019. Acquitted of Aggravated Burglary.
  • R v KF, Led junior multi-handed 6 defendant Murder trial, CCC, April to July 2019. Acquitted.
  • R v KA, multi-handed Affray, Maidstone CC, March 2019. Acquitted
  • R v LH, multi-handed GBH with intent, Maidstone CC, February 2019. Acquitted
  • R v SA, Leading Junior 11 defendant conspiracy to supply class A drugs and conspiracy to commit GBH with intent, Central Criminal Court, 12 weeks, Nov 2018.  Pleased to Violent Disorder. Acquitted of GBH.
  • R v AA, multi-handed Attempted Murder trial, SNBCC, October 2018.
  • R v CO, Multi-handed Violent Disorder, trial, 2 week trial, MCC. September 2018. Acquitted
  • R v NFH, Multi-handed conspiracy to Kidnap, Blackmail and False Imprison, SCC, 5 week trial, May 2018.
  • R v MC, Leading Junior multi-handed, Conspiracy to Import Class A drugs, SCC, 6 weeks, March 2018 Acquitted
  • R v TA, Death by Careless (homicide), WCC, 5 days, February 2018 Acquitted
  • R v SH, multi-handed Money Laundering in a split trial involving 50 defendants, 120 victims, £3million fraudulent money – Lewes CC, 3 weeks, January 2018.
  • R v KI, Leading Junior – Child Abuse/Neglect, ILCC, 7 weeks, Nov – Dec 2017 – Acquitted
  • R v JA (youth), multi-handed Robbery (dwelling), sexual assault, WCC, October 2017 Acquitted.
  • R v GW, Criminal Damage with intent/reckless x 18 counts, MCC, 2 week trial, September 2017;
  • R v NM, Multi-handed conspiracy to supply class A drugs, MCC, 2 weeks, September 2017;
  • R v DR-F, Multi-handed firearms, ILCC, 1 week, August 2017 – acquitted
  • R v JL, multi-handed drugs supply, (cannabis) MCC, 1 week, August 2017
  • R v SG (female), multi-handed firearms with intent to endanger life, WCC, July 2017 Acquitted.
  • R v MI, Murder of a 5 year old boy, WCC, 3 weeks, led junior, July 2017;
  • R v CB, 4 handed Conspiracy to kidnap, blackmail & false imprison, ILCC, 6 weeks. Acquitted. April – May 2017
  • R v DH, acquittal of 17 year old boy tried for murder, led junior MCC, 2 weeks, May 2017; Acquitted
  • R v GH, Multi-handed firearms and drugs – WCC, 1 week, April 2017;
  • R v Ryan M, acquittal on s.18 multi-handed joint enterprise attack on victim in his own home over flat being hijacked for drugs supply, Maidstone CC, March 2017;
  • R v JB, Harassment and Breach of Restraining Order for Archbishop involving is daughter (high profile UK Journalist) & his ex-wife (former head of children services) – WCC, Feb 2017 (s.38 order);
  • R v CH, 8 handed conspiracy to acquire criminal property – 9 defendants, stand-alone junior. January 2017.
  • R v JG, Leading Junior in a multi-handed conspiracy to steal case at ILCC – October 2016.
  • R v SD – joint enterprise kidnap/blackmail – running duress on behalf of female client against first defendant, acquitted of blackmail – stand alone junior – Sept 2016
  • R v KK – multi-handed baby shaking case – led junior by Stephen Moses QC – July 2016
  • May 2016, R v BB, Woolwich CC, conspiracy to possess firearms with intent to endanger life, possession of ammunition, possession of de-activated firearms.
  • R v RB possession of explosives – stand alone junior- acquitted – Feb 2016
  • May 2016, R v SL, St Albans CC, conspiracy to Burgle high value goods (£500,000) from numerous mobile phone shops around the country;
  • April 2016, R v LC, Croydon CC, 26 year old teacher charged with sexual activity with her 16 male student. Abuse of Position;
  • April 2016, R v JO, Woolwich CC, multi-handed defendant case, Robbery in a dwelling, Not Guilty
  • March 2016, R v VR re-trial Woolwich CC, Assault on Police Officers, successful Abuse of Process
  • February 2016, R v RB, Croydon CC possession of explosives involving a former Army Soldier, unanimous not guilty verdict
  • February 2016, R v TS, Canterbury CC, Murder (led junior)
  • November 2015, R v BG, Woolwich CC, Multi-handed conspiracy to steal
  • October 2015 – R v MP, Maidstone CC, 9 handed Affray
  • October 2015 – R v VR, Woolwich CC, Multi-handed Affray – Stayed on Abuse of Process
  • September 2015 – R v OP, Woolwich CC, Attempted Murder (Shooting). Client Acquitted
  • August 2015 – R v TJ, Croydon Crown Court, Conspiracy to defraud the Secretary of State in a 9 defendant multi-handed case lasting 10 weeks. Client acquitted.
  • March 2015 – R v NB, Central Criminal Court, Conspiracy to Kidnap, blackmail, commit s.18 and falsely imprison involving 5 defendants in a 6 week trial. Client acquitted.
  • January 2015 – R v PO [re-trial] Croydon Crown Court, Possession of a Firearm, 4 defendants. Client found not guilty.
  • December 2014 – R v MB, Woolwich Crown Court, Aggravated Burglary involving a stabbing.NG
  • December 2014 – R v ML, Isleworth Crown Court, serious robbery
  • November 2014 – R v KS, Croydon Crown Court, Aggravated Burglary involving knives
  • November 2014 – R v AM, Croydon Crown Court, Aggravated Burglary – the Judge dismissed the case an application to dismiss charges prior to PCMH.
  • October 2014 – R v AL, led junior counsel in Multi-handed Murder, CCC
  • September 2014 – R v CH, attempted murder involving gang violence – Inner London CC, not guilty
  • June 2014 – R v PO, multi-handed trial involving possession of Firearms and Ammunition with intent to endanger life [8 weeks – Croydon CC] jury found client to be not guilty.
  • May 2014 – R v AB, possession of two firearms – Croydon CC
  • March 2014 – R v Bamfo, large multi-handed conspiracy to rob dwellings using guns and knives. Involving 11,000 plus pages of evidence – Croydon CC
  • February 2014 – R v Kunene & Kunene, involving manslaughter of their 5 month old baby due to vitamin D deficiency which caused florid rickets which ultimately caused the death of their baby. Central Criminal Court as a led junior.
  • February 2014 – R v Jardim, possession of 2 firearms and ammunition – Croydon Crown Court.
  • February 2014 – R v Aghatise, possession with intent to supply class A drugs (5 kilos) – WCC
  • January 2014 – R v Hartfield, multi-handed conspiracy to import class A & B drugs involving Spanish territory and 26 million pounds of amphetamines.
  • Nov 2013 – January 2014 – R v Bundu: 12 week Fraud trial involving Misconduct in public office at Southwark Homeless Housing Unit involving 8,000 plus pages of evidence. The largest housing fraud in the UK.
  • May 2013 – R v Dempsey & ors : 8 week multi-handed wine investment fraud – Southwark Crown Court
  • July 2013 – R v ML: co-defendant possession of firearms & ammunition – CCC (Op Trident)
  • August 2013 – R v FA: co-defendant kidnap and armed robbery trial @ WCC
  • December 2012 – successful appeal against sentence at the COA on suspended sentence activation
  • November 2012 – R v Smith and Turner: Manslaughter – CCC
  • July 2012 – R v TE: multi-handed joint possession of firearms & class A drugs @ CCC
  • June 2012 – Operation Withern R v Y (riots case) @ ILCC
  • May 2012 – R v Byrne: s.18 serious GBH involving a fight in an Essex nightclub between two females where the victim’s nose was bitten off @ Basildon CC
  • March 2012 R v MF 2012a s.18 GBH stabbing involving a young defendant aged 14 yrs @ Croydon CC
  • February 2012 – R v KM: ABH in 6 month baby @ ILCC
  • January 2012 – R v Huett & Ors: a multi-handed conspiracy to steal from 14 lorries parked at a port in Folkestone involving over £200,000 worth of goods stolen in the space of two hours @ Canterbury CC.
  • October 2011- R v Adeojo & others: multi-handed joint enterprise murder as Junior @ CCC (Op Trident)
  • August 2011 – R v Cheema: which involved an autistic 18 year old defendant charged with child abduction and sexual activity with a child & rape @ Maidstone CC
  • March 2011 – R v Tullet: a large scale multi-handed class A drugs supply operation by undercover police officers @ Woolwich CC
  • R v Robinson 2011, a robbery trial at Blackfriars CC
  • July 2010 R v Adeojo: a large scale undercover police operation involving Class A drugs supply @ ILCC (Test Purchase Operation)
  • January 2011 – R v JA: 10 defendant joint enterprise murder trial @CCC (Op Trident)
  • February 2009 – R v Moemeka: an undercover police Class A drugs supply operation involving 49 defendants @ ILCC (Test Purchase Operation)
  • July 2009 – R v Wilson: large scale Class A drugs supply undercover police operation involving 53 defendants @ Cardiff CC (Test Purchase Operation)

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