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Kevin Williams

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Kevin is a Senior Supervising Caseworker based at our City of London Office. He began working at GTS in 2015 having previously been employed at a large human rights firm in North London.

Kevin is a litigator and police station accredited representative with over 13 years’ experience. He represents clients throughout all stages of the criminal justice system regarding a wide range of allegations including murder, drug trafficking and serious sexual assault.

With a particular interest in representing youths and the most vulnerable in society, Kevin often represents clients diagnosed with a wide range of mental health conditions such as personality disorders, learning difficulties and paranoid schizophrenia.

Kevin has a successful record of persuading prosecuting authorities to discontinue proceedings based on the interests of justice and/or evidential tests.

Notable cases:

R v MP ­– client was one of four defendants who stood trial for criminal damage following the toppling of the Edward Colston statue. The client accepted causing the damage however successful arguments were made at trial that the damage was necessary and the presence of the statue itself constituted a public order offence. Following a trial lasting two weeks, all defendants were found not guilty by the jury.

R v PS (Croydon Crown Court) – the client faced a charge of attempted murder. The complainant alleged he met the client, together with the client’s brother, to arrange the sale of a car, after which he was attacked with a shotgun and machete causing life changing injuries. The client strongly denied the allegation and stated it was the complainant who lured he and his brother to the scene before producing the firearm. Extensive mobile phone evidence was served setting out the communication between the parties leading up to the incident. Following trial, the client was found not guilty by the jury.

R v RC (Manchester Youth Court) – client was a vulnerable child going through the care system. He was arrested for criminal damage after smashing a plant pot inside the care home. Proceedings were discontinued after Kevin made successful representations to the CPS based on their own guidelines on the prosecution of ‘looked after’ children; this despite the fact the client admitted the offence during his police interview.

R v MR – client was charged with possession of a firearm with intent to endanger life. Police executed a search warrant at her home address, and recovered a loaded revolver. A lengthy prepared statement was submitted to the police in interview, which set out the grooming and threats the client was subjected to by a local gang. Pressure put on the police and CPS to analyse and serve content from a mobile phone recovered at the address uncovered extensive evidence that supported the client’s defence and forced the CPS to offer no evidence. The trial Judge praised the advice provided to the client at the police station which had a significant impact on the decision to offer no evidence.

R v JZ (Snaresbrook Crown Court) – client was charged with grievous bodily harm with intent. He approached a male outside a nightclub and delivered one almost fatal blow to the head. Client was extremely vulnerable and suffered from paranoid schizophrenia; at the time he was experiencing a relapse and believed the male, who he had earlier been involved in an altercation with and was standing across the road at the time, was about to attack him. The client advanced self defence based on his genuine belief – with the assistance of expert medical evidence – that his safety was under imminent threat, and he was acquitted by the jury at trial.

R v TA (Woolwich Crown Court) – client stood trial in relation to one count of causing death by careless driving. The client, a HGV driver, was charged following a collision with a pedestrian on Regent Street, London. Defence evidence was obtained on behalf of the client by a collision expert, which set out in detail the viewpoints the client would have had – and not had – at the time of the incident, and he was found not guilty by the jury.

Other interests:

Kevin is an active member of the LCCSA (London Criminal Court Solicitors’ Association) football team.

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