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Asmah Khalid

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Professional History

Asmah Khalid is a Duty Qualified Criminal Solicitor since 2012 and has over 8 years experience working within the Criminal Field. She has strong solid skills in Civil Litigation and the insurance sector which make her a specialist in RTA matters. Having joined GT Stewarts in April 2019 she has been defending and representing individuals in both police station and Magistrates Courts since 2011. She has years of experience in dealing with all manner of offences from assaults, thefts, sexual offences, fraud and matters concerning the Department of Work and Pensions.

Her specialist skills in domestic and RTA cases make her a refined advocate and always endeavors to achieve the best outcome for her clients. Her ability to work professionally and diligently is often appreciated by clients and professionals alike and she is able to successfully deliver optimal results for all her clients.

Education and Qualifications

  • LLB Law Degree
  • CLAS Duty Accredited since 2012
  • Level 2 Immigration Accredited since 2016

Criminal Defence

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