Client is rehoused after Council backs down on homelessness appeal web

Our client is a secure tenant of a London Borough.  Our client’s landlord obtained an antisocial behaviour injunction and he was excluded from the property. We assisted him applying to set aside the order and dismiss the injunction proceedings. We helped him seek assistance from the homeless person’s unit and he was provided with s.188 temporary accommodation.   Our client was subsequently assessed as lacking litigation and injunction capacity and the exclusion order was discharged.

Our client was not able to return to the property following the discharge of the injunction, as due to hoarding it required a deep clean and there was also extensive disrepair. The council continued to provide him with alternative temporary accommodation but by way of decant.

Our client was made aware that works had been completed by December 2022. Requests were made for our client to be provided with keys to the property, as the locks has been changed during the course of the repair works, and for his belongings that had been placed in storage to be returned and him moved from the decant accommodation back home. No response was received despite repeated requests so in June 2023 we applied for an injunction.

At the hearing, we obtained an injunction order requiring the local authority to provide our client keys to the property within 7 days, to return his belonging in storage, and arrange for the removal of his belongings from his decant accommodation to the property, within 30 days. We also obtained costs on the indemnity basis.

Claire Wiles, assisted by Counsel Alice Irving of Doughty Street Chambers, successfully represented this client