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Discharge Care Order Fact Sheet

When can an application for discharge of care order be made?

This application can only be made by the child, the parent, the local authority or any person with Parental Responsibility. The applicant must demonstrate that there has been significant and sustainable changes in circumstances since the care order was granted. This is usually sought after care proceedings when a Care Order is made in respect of the child to the Local Authority.

When can I apply to discharge a care order?

An application of this sort can only be made after a period of 6 months. We would usually suggest a period of 12 months in order to show that significant and sustainable changes have been made since the Care Order has been granted.

Disclaimer: The material contained in this fact sheet is for general guidance only. It is specific to the law of England and Wales, and represents a brief outline of the law current as at the date of the fact sheet. It is not intended to constitute, or to be a substitute for, legal advice specific to your case.

Information up to date as at 10/3/23

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