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Family Group Conference Fact Sheet

What is a Family Group Conference?

A Family Group Conference is a method used by the local authority to involve a child’s family and friends in the assessment or decision-making process. Parents provide details of individuals they wish to attend such a conference to the local authority, and attendees can include family or friends who are involved in the child(ren)’s life.

An independent coordinator arranges the conference and invites the nominated family members. Attendees typically include the independent coordinator, family members and friends, parents, and the social worker. The social worker explains the concerns to all attendees and may sometimes leave the room while discussions occur among the family.

The independent coordinator facilitates discussions among the family members to devise a plan for the child’s care. This plan aims to meet the child’s needs and protect them from future harm, potentially involving various forms of support such as financial, emotional, or practical assistance.

After the conference, the social worker evaluates the plan’s effectiveness in safeguarding the child’s welfare or providing support to the child and parent.

Disclaimer: The material contained in this fact sheet is for general guidance only. It is specific to the law of England and Wales and represents a brief outline of the law current as of the date of the fact sheet. It is not intended to constitute, or to be a substitute for, legal advice specific to your case.

Information up to date as at 10/03/2023.

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