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Applications for Parole

Getting parole means you can leave prison or be released from custody before the end of your sentence.

You will be kept under supervision, known as being ‘on licence’ or probation.

You may be released or transferred to an open prison (‘open conditions’).  However, the rules are different in Scotland, Northern Ireland or if you are a young offender.

When you are eligible for parole depends on what type of sentence you have.  You are not eligible for parole if your sentence is less than 4 years.

We can help you make representations setting out the reasons why you should be granted parole.  You may have to go to a hearing before the Parole Board can make a decision and we can help you with this hearing.

You cannot appeal against a Parole Board decision but you can apply for judicial review of their decision and we can also advise you about whether there are grounds to judicially review their decision.

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