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GT Stewart secures an acquittal following a two-day trial.

SW was accused of attempted murder and 2 allegations of Possession of a Firearm With Intent to Endanger Life.  It was alleged that SW became so enraged whilst visiting an address of a relative, that he produced a handgun and a shotgun from a bag, and then discharged both of them inside the house.  At the time, SW’s relative, the relative’s partner and their very young child had all been present at the time of the incident.

Patricia Walker, a Partner at our Leeds office, represented SW at the police station where he gave a full account of the incident and raised his defence.  Patricia continued to act as litigator throughout the case.  Due to the severity of the charges, the case was sent to the Crown Court, where SW was represented by leading advocate David Brooke of KBW Chambers and by Philip Mahoney of GT Stewart’s Crown Court Team.

SW pleaded not guilty to all charges and the case went to trial.  All three lawyers working on the case ensured that it was thoroughly prepared, carefully examining all the evidence, including lengthy interviews of significant witnesses, CCTV footage and forensic evidence.

On the second day of the trial the prosecution offered no evidence and Not Guilty verdicts were entered on all three charges.