On Monday Channel 5 screened the latest episode of “The Accused”. In 2016 GT Stewart agreed to work with Brinkworth Films to make a series of realistic documentaries of what it is like to face a criminal prosecution from the perspective of the accused. The media reaction to the first two episodes has been very positive and the first documentary has been shortlisted for an industry award. We believe it is very important that  people get an insight into real life prosecutions so they can draw their own conclusions.

What the critics have said:

“An intimate, gripping study of the justice system at work” The Guardian

“Thought-provoking documentary” and “an extraordinary programme”  The Express

“We saw and heard far more than the jury could” and “This is psychology in the raw” The Daily Mail

“The sobering reality of being charged with a crime” and “the best law-themed show of 2017 so far” Legal Cheek

“A true reflection of the tough decisions faced by criminal juries, the format of the show and the access it gave viewers was unprecedented.” Legal Cheek

“It makes for a gripping, unsettling piece of TV.” Radio Times

“Compelling” The Observer

“The insight into the case offers viewers a unique chance to weigh up the evidence for themselves, as if they were in the jury.” The Sun

To read the full articles please click on the following links: The Express; The Daily Mail; The Daily Mail; The Sun; Radio Times; Huffington Post

If you’ve missed an episodes they are available to watch on the Channel 5 website.