“I’d just like to thank you for the advice and support you gave me at the station – without you there I could’ve been sat in a very different boat right now. Your advice was invaluable” – AB

Emma Haley at GT Stewart Solicitors & Advocates’ Manchester office recently represented  AB who had been arrested on suspicion of Sexual Assault.  According to the police report, an incident had taken place on a train during which AB had repeatedly groped a female passenger. He had been pointed out to the police and arrested at the scene. The Police believed CCTV footage had captured the entire incident.  AB was, the Police said, extremely drunk.

AB, naturally, was worried, frightened and unsure what to do when faced with what appeared to be strong evidence against him.  As a result of advice given and representations made by GT Stewart Solicitors & Advocates, the Police decided to take no further action against AB.

Advice at the Police Station is available free of charge in relation to most offences.  GT Stewart Solicitors & Advocates provide 24 hour police station cover.

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