The Local Authority issued an application for an Injunction under section 1 Anti-Social Behaviour Crime Policing Act 2022, in reliance on allegations of transphobia. Our client vehemently denied the allegations and in addition, found the details of the allegations particularly triggering in light of his own past experiences and mental health conditions. If the application for Injunction had been successful then the client would face potential future proceedings and real risk of losing his home.

We were able to work quickly and effectively to take our client’s instructions and consider the evidence. We dealt sensitively with the matters which were extremely troubling for our client. We then instructed a barrister to represent our client at the hearing. At the hearing, after successful negotiation, our client gave an undertaking, and the application for Injunction was adjourned generally, if not restored before April 2023 then dismissed. This is a very good outcome for the client, as it avoided an Injunction Order and therefore greatly reduces the risk of him losing his home.