GT Stewart represented C at Southwark Crown Court, who was charged with one count of conspiracy to import cocaine and conspiracy to supply cocaine . C, an experienced helicopter pilot, was arrested in September 2017 following a police sting operation in Kent. 6 other persons were also charged on the indictment.

C was charged on the basis that he, according to the police, was an integral part of a conspiracy to import 7 million pounds worth of cocaine into the UK and distribute it to organised criminals in London, Birmingham and Liverpool. It was alleged he was the pilot of the helicopter used to import the cocaine, was involved in the modifying of the helicopter to conceal the cocaine and planned the routes the helicopter would take to evade UK customs control.

GT Stewart instructed a phone expert, Mr Stuart Banks, who conducted a scheduling of C’s phone to show his lack of knowledge of the conspiracy as well as expertly cross examining prosecution witnesses on the merits of the prosecution case against C.

Following a trial, lasting 22 days, the jury unanimously acquitted C conspiracy to import cocaine and conspiracy to supply cocaine.

C was represented by Ronnie Manek and Tom Mayall throughout the trial. His case was prepared by Paul Matthew and Lara Ideo of our East Dulwich Office.