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Our client had been living in a very small studio flat with her 10 year old daughter for over 3 years.

The main room (which included the kitchen facilities) was not much bigger than the bed. Our client was in the general priority group on the council waiting list and the council had made a review decision where they refused higher priority on the waiting list. When we were instructed, this review decision was challenged.

We sent a letter before claim in relation to a proposed judicial review claim raising a number of inadequacies in the review decision making. The council withdrew the decision and opened a fresh review. As part of the new review, evidence was provided to demonstrate that the property was not only severely overcrowded, but fell below the council’s own minimum standards for private housing; including inadequate light and kitchen facilities. It also appeared during the review that the landlord had been lying to the council about the size of the property.

Higher priority was awarded and this allowed our client to bid successfully within 2 weeks. Our client is currently signing the tenancy for a 2 bedroom housing association flat.

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