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Our client originally sought our help as she was seeking homeless assistance and access to the housing register in a new borough. Our client had accommodation but was not living there due to significant trauma and risk at the property. She approached the authority attempting to make a homeless application and also gain access to the housing register. The authority found that she was not homeless as she already had a property, and also did not allow her onto the housing register as she did not satisfy the local residency criteria.

We wrote to the authority to request a review of:

  • Their decision that she was not homeless; and
  • Their decision not to allow her access to the housing register.

We collected evidence and made detailed representations to support our client’s case. We were successful in challenging the not homeless decision, and the council accepted that she was homeless and awarded her the relevant duties. We were also successful in challenging the housing register decision, and our client was given access. However, the assessment of housing need was inadequate and we made representations to support her need for an additional bedroom. This was successful and our client’s allocation was amended.

Our client was able to successfully bid on a suitable property, via the Housing Register, and has now moved into her new home.

This client was successfully represented by Joy Gribbin