handcuffs square

GTS today persuaded the Crown Prosecution Service to offer no evidence against our client ST.

ST was awaiting trial in relation to one count of threatening another with a blade. It was alleged he approached the complainant and made threats towards him with a kitchen knife. ST was identified by both the complainant and a police constable who claimed to have arrested him previously.

GTS submitted formal written representations to the CPS, arguing there was no realistic prospect of conviction. It was argued there was a clear breach of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act [PACE], whereby the officer making the identification viewed the CCTV footage in the presence of a colleague, and the complainant when naming ST had already been provided with his name by the officer leading the investigation.

The CPS accepted the representations and duly offered no evidence, after which a formal verdict of not guilty was recorded and ST was released from custody.

ST was represented by Kevin Williams at our Bromley Office.