GT Stewart represented N, a Defendant in an application for permission to commit for contempt of court. N was a party in civil proceedings in which she had been represented by other solicitors. At the conclusion of those proceedings, the trial judge made findings that N had been dishonest in certain aspects of her evidence.

The Claimant in those proceedings then took the unusual step of applying to the Court for N to be committed for Contempt of Court, a process which could have resulted in N being sent to prison. N instructed GT Stewart Solicitors to represent her in the contempt proceedings.

Asmah Khalid of our Leeds office acted as litigator in the case, gathering evidence and assessing the Claimant’s application. The Court hearings were conducted by Philip Mahoney, a Higher Rights Advocate in our Leeds office, who successfully argued that granting permission for the contempt proceedings was neither proportionate nor in the public interest, which resulted in the Claimant’s application being dismissed.