Our client AL is a young man with no previous convictions, cautions or warnings. In fact he had never even been arrested before. He is a successful scientist and has a wife and young child that live abroad.

AL was charged with two offences, namely possession of a bladed article and importing a realistic imitation firearm into Great Britain. In June 2016, he travelled to London Victoria from Brussels via coach. Upon arrival at the coach station, his luggage was searched and Police discovered a lock knife and a CO2-powered pistol.

Prior to his police interview at Belgravia Police Station, AL was informed that, due to his impeccable police record, he was eligible to receive a simple adult caution should he answer questions and admit responsibility, which he was advised to do and duly did. However, following his interview AL was charged with both offences and court proceedings were instigated by the police. It is unclear why the police refused to caution him.

The prospect of court proceedings were an extremely stressful time for AL. Any conviction, whether that be by way of a guilty plea or finding of guilt after trial, would have meant AL’s career, and reputation, as a scientist would be over. This would have had a knock-on effect to his family, who he would have been unable to support having lost his employment.

Kevin Williams made written representations to the CPS, submitting that the proceedings ought to be discontinued and the case referred back to the police station in order that AL could be issued with a simple adult caution. The CPS agreed with Kevin and the court proceedings were discontinued with AL being issued with an adult caution – which is what should have happened in the first place.

By avoiding a criminal conviction, AL was able to retain his career and livelihood, and keep his good reputation intact.

AL was represented by Kevin Williams at our London City Office.