Today GT Stewart secured the acquittal of a 21 year old client at Hendon Magistrates’ Court who was accused of a public order offence, assaulting police officers, and resisting arrest. Our client had no previous convictions. Eva Luna Roszykiewicz, a solicitor at the firm, successfully argued that the officers were not acting in the execution of their duty when dealing with our client. The magistrates dismissed the case and our client was therefore found not guilty of all offences.

If you are arrested and accused of assaulting a police officer it is vital you get proper legal advice as this is a very technical area of law and officers have limited rights to interfere with your liberty by stopping you or demanding information from you.

Comments from the client

“Eva, I just wanted to really thank you for all of the help and support that you provided me with during this interim of my court period. I wanted to tell you, you did a phenomenal job presenting yourself and my case. I’m glad I was on your case load as prior to meeting you I knew I was innocent however you confirmed it with your smarts. You outsmarted the prosecution as well as saving me from getting a conviction and practically ending up in the system. I know you’re probably thinking of telling me ‘please, it was all down to sheer expertise and preparation’ but I believe, like you said, you hold these sort of cases close to your heart, which is ultimately why we succeeded. Then again the officers did act unlawfully. Anyway congratulations to another victorious trial and it was a pleasure working with you.”