Prison Law

The Prison Law Team are a well established team who are fully committed to protecting the rights of prisoners who are either serving sentences or remanded into custody. The team are well aware of the various challenges that prisoners face and will always provide advice, no matter how small the issue is.

The Team has a vast experience of dealing with young, vulnerable clients, many of whom are serving their first sentence in custody.We are proud of the continued good results that the team achieves for clients. We have a huge number of recommendations from clients who have had successful outcomes through being represented by the team.

If you are serving a sentence of 12 months or more, you will be expected to serve half of that sentence in custody and the remainder in the community, where you will be subject to supervision by the National Probation Service.

Upon release from custody, you will be expected to abide by a number of licence conditions. If any of those conditions are breached, you are liable to be returned back to custody to serve the remainder of your sentence.

In these cases, the Parole Board will be responsible for considering your case in order to decide whether you are suitable to be released. The first review usually takes place on or around 28 days after you have been returned back to custody.

The Prison Law Team can provide you with advice and assistance with making written representations to the Parole Board for your release back into the community. They will also provide support and full advice about the situation you find yourself in.

There are a number of prisoners who are serving mandatory life sentences, discretionary life sentences, indeterminate sentences for public protection and extended sentences for public protection - all of these sentences require the Parole Board to consider the case in order to make a direction for release.

The Prison Law Team can deal with these applications for Parole from start to finish. The first stage is for the case to be considered on the papers by the Parole Board. The person dealing with your case will assist in drafting a written application to the Parole Board. Following review of that case, it is likely that the Parole Board will send the case for an Oral Hearing and the person dealing with your matter will continue to represent you during any hearing before the Parole Board in order to secure the best result as possible.

Many prisoners will come into contact with the adjudication process, which is where there has been an alleged breach of Prison Rules and the prisoner is being disciplined through the adjudication process.

If the case is referred to the Independent Adjudicator, then any prisoner is at risk of having additional days. Any prisoner is entitled to representation at any hearing before the Independent Adjudicator.

The Prison Law Team have successfully represented many prisoners before the Independent Adjudicator, resulting in cases being dismissed or prisoners being found not guilty.

The Prison Law Team can only assist in matters that relate to release dates only, and only after 6 months of being sentenced.

Any prisoner who believes that their release date has been miscalculated should first exhaust the internal complaints procedure and following negative responses, should provide a copy of those complaints and responses before public funding is granted. If the case is taken on, written representations will be made to the prison on any prisoner's behalf.

Due to the funding cuts, the issues that can be covered under public funding (legal aid) are limited to:

  • Recall to Custody following breach of licence conditions
  • Applications for Parole (only where the Parole Board have the power to direct release)
  • Adjudications before the Independent Adjudicator
  • Sentence Calculation (relating to release date only).

If your issue is not covered under the above categories, then a member of the Prison Law Team will be happy to discuss private rates and to provide you with a quote for any work to be undertaken.