4 July, 16

Serious Crime

GT Stewart Solicitors specialises in heavyweight cases, and over the years have fought tooth and nail to ensure our clients are exonerated when charged with all types of serious offences including murder, sexual offences, terrorism and large-scale frauds.

When you or a family member is arrested on suspicion of committing a grave crime, you need a wise and experienced lawyer who knows exactly what to do in these most difficult of circumstances. its not only about representation at the police station and at court but about making important early decisions, such as:

  • finding and obtaining evidence which is a risk of being destroyed, like CCTV
  • tracing an alibi witnesses and persuading witnesses to come to court or give a statement to the police
  • using modern technology to build a defence case – like using mobile phone cell site evidence to prove that you weren’t in the area at the time
  • arranging a bail package to get you out of prison asap
  • dealing with the media

Our approach is pro-active and relentless. You get one shot at a trial; one chance to make sure that the jury sees all the evidence and not just the parts that the prosecution pick and choose. These are not standard cases. If it’s a serious allegation, you need more than a run-of-the-mill law firm. Led by Greg Stewart, GT Stewart have represented defendants in some of the most significant trials of our generation, including the killings of Damilola Taylor and Stephen Lawrence.

The kind of cases that we are instructed on reflect the issues facing our society. In recent years, we have developed expertise defending people accused of terrorism offences, people-trafficking and internet-related offences, and investigations by domestic and foreign agencies, including the FBI. Our extradition department works closely with our crime department to assist those wanted for serious crimes abroad.

In every case, no matter how serious, it is crucial to instruct us as early as possible to secure the best chance of a positive outcome.

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