30 June, 16

Recall to Custody

If you are serving a sentence of 12 months or more, you will be expected to serve half of that sentence in custody and the remainder in the community, where you will be subject to supervision by the National Probation Service.

Upon release from custody, you will be expected to abide by a number of licence conditions. If any of those conditions are breached, you are liable to be returned back to custody to serve the remainder of your sentence.

In these cases, the Parole Board will be responsible for considering your case in order to decide whether you are suitable to be released. The first review usually takes place on or around 28 days after you have been returned back to custody.

The Prison Law Team can provide you with advice and assistance with making written representations to the Parole Board for your release back into the community. They will also provide support and full advice about the situation you find yourself in.

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