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We are specialists in all types of possession proceedings. If you are a landlord, tenant, borrower or leaseholder our skilled lawyers can provide you with clear and tailored advice to help you meet your objective as quickly and economically as possible.

All our lawyers are landlords, tenants, borrowers or leaseholders in their personal capacity which means that members of our housing team can closely relate to any legal problem concerning property and deliver advice to their clients as though acting for themselves. Whether owned or rented we realise that a property is a significant asset which requires robust protection from a variety of problems that can arise including rent/mortgage arrears, disrepair, anti-social behaviour, disputes over succession, subletting or any other breaches or disputes concerning residential property.

Possession proceedings involve one of the most technical and complex areas of law since the rules were not designed to cater for the complex and diverse housing needs of today’s society. With GT Stewart Solicitors you can be assured that you will be safely navigated through relevant legislation and case law which we will help you to apply to your situation in order to place you in the strongest position to preserve or recover your property.

If you have received a notice of intended possession proceedings, a claim form for possession of property or a notice of eviction then we would urge you to seek quality legal advice immediately. The government recognises that the loss of a home is of overwhelming importance to an individual and legal aid may be available to fund legal advice.

If you require assistance in preparing a notice of intended possession proceedings or a claim form for possession of property we offer fixed and competitive rates for landlords.

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