5 July, 16

Issues with care plans or treatment

For detained patients in hospital, we may be able to act on your behalf to question the clinical team on whether you are being provided with appropriate treatment whilst under the Mental Health Act.

We can deal with this in Care Programme Approach (CPA) meetings, at Tribunal hearings as well as in Hospital Managers hearings. On particular occasions we also attend ward rounds to liaise with your team and put forward your views. We have in the past successfully challenged the appropriateness of treatment provided and consequently patients have been discharged.

We can also advocate on your behalf in relation to your care plan, for example requests for S.17 leave and requests for referrals to occupational therapy, including activities of daily living (ADL) assessments, work rehabilitation where appropriate. This often helps the clinical team assess any risks and then formulate plans for your eventual discharge into the community.

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