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At GT Stewart, we understand that being arrested can be amongst the most difficult experiences of our clients’ lives. Obtaining legal representation at the earliest opportunity following arrest can be crucial to the overall outcome of the case regardless of your guilt or innocence.

Although the natural instinct for many may be to simply co-operate with police and answer questions without a lawyer, this may not be the best approach and can sometimes be extremely damaging. Juries will usually be shown a transcript of what you have said during any police interview and in some circumstances it can form a central part of the Prosecution case. It is therefore important not to leave it too late before requesting a lawyer.

Our lawyers have a wealth of experience representing clients in the police station. They are available to represent clients who have been arrested 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A lawyer will be able to obtain details of the evidence against you prior to your police interview. We will then be in a position to advise you fully about the strength of the case against you and the appropriate way of dealing with the police interview. If you have been arrested, we understand that you will find yourself in a stressful environment, surrounded by an unfamiliar procedure – we specialise in carefully guiding our clients through the process and providing assistance with complex questions such as: should you answer questions in interview? Should you agree to provide police with intimate samples? How long can the police keep you in custody? Will you get bail? Should you accept a police caution for this matter and how will that affect you in the future?

It is not only the police and crown prosecution service that conduct criminal investigations and proceedings, there are many other organisations who carry out investigations and prosecutions and who have similar powers to the police and crown prosecution service. All of our lawyers have a broad range of experience in dealing with the different prosecuting and investigative authorities. If you are invited to an interview under caution by a prosecuting authority other than the police, then it is just as important that you obtain legal advice as if you had been arrested. Examples of the sort of investigations that we can assist with include:

  • Serious Fraud Office investigations
  • Financial Conduct Authority matters
  • HMRC investigations into tax and revenue offences
  • Local authorities and Department of Work & Pensions investigating allegations such as benefit fraud, illegal sub-letting or misuse of a disabled parking badge.
  • RSPCA investigations such as mistreatment or neglect of animals.
  • National Crime Agency matters

Although legal aid is often available for those that have been arrested or invited to interview under caution, our private crime department provides a thorough and comprehensive service from highly experienced lawyers. If you would like to discuss our rates, please contact our Blackfriars office.

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