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Your landlord may be in breach of their legal obligations to repair your home. You may have suffered past and/or ongoing disrepair. You may also have suffered some personal injury as a result or you may have suffered risk or harm to your health.

We can offer public funding in disrepair cases where there is serious risk of harm arising from the disrepair in your home.

Alternatively, we can offer a no win, no fee agreement. Under this funding arrangement, you will not pay anything towards legal costs. We will pursue your case for repairs and damages for loss suffered. If we are successful, your opponent will usually pay your legal costs. In the event that we are unsuccessful, you will not usually have to pay anything.

If you would like further advice on pursuing a disrepair claim then please contact us for further information.

EPA Actions

We also have expertise in taking proceedings in the Magistrates Court against landlords for allowing a statutory nuisance.

A statutory nuisance is anything that causes a risk to public health. It can include, for example, cockroach or other infestations.

A prosecution against the landlord can lead to them taking action to abate the nuisance and paying compensation for the loss suffered.

A recent example of a successful prosecution can be found here (link to Dirghayu’s recent EPA case).

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