Lisa Lovell
  • Location: Leeds & Manchester
  • Role: Chartered Legal Executive (FILEX), Prison Law Supervisor
  • Practice Area: Prison Law


 Education and Qualifications

The Chartered Institute of Legal Executives


Professional History

Lisa Lovell is a Chartered Legal Executive.  Her main role is to represent indeterminate sentence prisoners before the Parole Board and represent offenders who have been subjected to licence recall. She also represents offenders when they have been charged with allegations of breach of prison discipline.

Lisa has been practicing prison law for over 6 years and is committed to ensuring that all prisoners are provided with access to justice and the opportunity to progress through the prison system, placing a clear emphasis on assisting vulnerable prisoners in need of a heightened degree of care.

In addition, Lisa also has a wealth of experience in mental health where clients are detained under the Mental Health Act.  Lisa has provided representation for client’s detained both under civil sections and criminal sections where there has been a transfer from prison to hospital under s47/49 of the Act.

Lisa has worked at various national firms in Yorkshire.  She joined GT Stewart in January 2017.

Recent cases include:

Representation of a tariff expired IPP prisoner, with a minimum term of 18 months.  When sentenced in 2007 there was no evidence mental illness but by 2010 he had been diagnosed with paranoia and a severe anxiety disorder.  He was transferred to hospital under the Mental Health Act shortly thereafter.  Having eventually progressed to a low secure hospital, it was confirmed at a Mental Health Tribunal that he no longer required detention under the Act.  Lisa provided representation at the Parole Hearing which took place at hospital.  It was recognised that his risk could be managed in the community with a package of care and licence conditions.


Lisa provided representation for a determinate sentence prisoner who had been recalled to prison having been charged with further offences.  Written representations were made in this first instance, where the Parole Board agreed to defer consideration of the recall until the outcome of the charges was know.  A decision of executive release was made in the matter.


Following a client being charged under the Prison Discipline Rules, Lisa provided representation before the Independent Adjudicator.  Oral representations were made to the Judge that the charge had been laid incorrectly.  The matter was dismissed.

Following recall of an IPP prisoner due to a breach of a SHPO where he received an additional sentence, Lisa provided written representations to the Parole Board.  Following consideration of the same, release on the papers was granted as it was recognised that risk could be managed with the robust Risk Management Plan in place.



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