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Public Funding

Most of our work is conducted under the Legal Help or Legal Aid scheme. The firm possesses housing legal aid contracts in several areas including Dartford, Southwark, Lambeth , Hackney and Croydon. Legal Aid is available for cases of Anti-Social behaviour, Homelessness, possessions and Eviction, disrepair if there is a serious risk to health. Exceptional funding is available if , for instance, the refusal of legal aid would lead to a breach convention of human rights. If your case is in scope then we would assess eligibility for public funding before continuing with the case.

Private Funding

We can act privately for you in a case. Our hourly rates vary according to the type of case and level and experience of the fee earner conducting the case.

We give you an estimate of the likely costs of the case from the outset so that you are kept fully aware of the costs position.

Fixed fee

We can offer a fixed fee . This is generally for one off advice.


We can offer “ No Win No Fee” otherwise known as Conditional Fee Agreements ( CFA).We fund certain types of cases in this way such as disrepair and illegal eviction claims. With CFA s you only pay our fees if you win as a large proportion of our costs will be paid by the opponent. Every case would undergo a risk assessment where we would assess the chances of success and if we believe that your case would be successful and we are likely to recover costs from the opponent then we will generally agree to represent you on that basis.

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