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Tessa Hutchinson

Assistant Solicitor

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Tessa is a specialist civil liberties, human rights and inquest solicitor. Tessa regularly represents some of the most vulnerable people in society in claims following misconduct by the police and other state authorities, including in civil claims for false imprisonment, assault and malicious prosecution.

Claims against the police

Tessa acts for individuals in complaints and claims against the police relating to unlawful arrest, excessive force, discrimination, malicious prosecution and breaches of the Human Rights Act 1998. Examples of Tessa’s work include:

  • Claims for false imprisonment. She recently secured a settlement for £1,750 for a client who had been unlawfully detained by police for a period of 1 hour and 21 minutes. She also recently secured a settlement for £950 for a client who had been erroneously returned to prison for a period of 51 hours following being granted bail.
  • Claims for malicious prosecution where individuals are prosecuted by the police/CPS for offences, not because they are guilty, but as officers attempted to distract from their own behaviour or attempted to cover up their own wrongdoing.

Notable cases

  • ST v Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis. We represented a young black man in a claim for assault and battery, false imprisonment, misfeasance in public office and malicious prosecution. We obtained £25,000 in compensation for our client.


Tessa represents family members in inquests arising from deaths in police/prison custody and related to sectioning and care under the Mental Health Act 1983. These inquests are sometimes known as “Article 2” inquests. Tessa appreciates that going through an inquest is incredibly difficult for families and goes above and beyond to ensure that the concerns of the deceased’s family are addressed.

She currently acts for the families of the following:

  • The family of a young woman who died in hospital following self-ligature whilst under their care following detention under the Mental Health Act. She had a long history of complex mental health following a rape when she was 14.
  • The family of a 50 year old woman who took her own life after she absconded from a Mental Health Unit. She had a long and complex history of mental health issues involving depression, self-harm and psychosis and diagnoses of Bipolar Affective Disorder and Personality Disorder.

She trained at Saunders Law, where she worked for 7 years before joining GT Stewart in November 2020. She was part of the team of lawyers acting for the families affected by the Hillsborough disaster, who sought justice for the police attempt to wrongly blame the deceased for the tragedy.

She is a member of the Police Action Lawyers Group and the INQUEST Lawyers Group.

Client Comments

“….I’ve been through a rough 2 years after loosing my daughter in mental health…about 15 moths ago I was put in touch with Tessa Hutchinson who took control for me and guided me through this painful time right up to coroner court where we were joined by Fatima Juchi (barrister)and it took off both Tessa and Fatima guided me through and they work very hard .didn’t stop over weekend either ..they are both excellent at there jobs and explained every step to me throughout…I am so grateful I had these two wonderful ladies dealing with this heart breaking process…we got to the verdict and I couldn’t of got better result .so I would like to say a big thankyou to you both Tessa and Fatima what a professional team you are …THANKYOU”

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