Kathy Gorey
  • Location: Camberwell Green
  • Role: Police Station Accredited Representative
  • Practice Area: Criminal Defence

Education and Qualifications:

Accredited Legal Police Station Exams 1998 at the College of Law London.

Professional history:

  • 1979-1986 worked for National Westminster Banks in Bond Street and Hanover Square London.
  • 1986-2004 worked for Lomax Lloyd-Jones Solicitors as a Police Station Representative.
  • 1st April 2004 to the present date employed by GT Stewart


Kathy is a fully accredited Police Station Representative. She travels around the country to advise and assist clients who have been arrested at police stations.

Kathy advised on:

  • The Victoria Underground Murder
  • John Healey, the alleged serial murderer from the North of England
  • Sydenham murder in 2010
  • Bermondsey murder by the railway line in 2010
  • Ashley Charles – arrested for murder at Jessie J concert
  • The consultant/doctor who had a private and NHS practice who was arrested for Voyeurism within the St Helier NHS trust.

Kathy advises from the most minor crimes to the most serious crimes, also Kathy advises and assist at Child Protection interviews representing parents and teachers who are involved in allegations that have been made by a child or education bodies.

Advising clients at the Department of Work and Pensions for allegations of benefit fraud and housing benefit fraud.

Advising clients at council offices in relation to blue badge misuse of the parking badges.

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