Jennifer Blyth
  • Location: Dartford
  • Role: Assistant Solicitor
  • Practice Area: Housing Law

Shelter is a basic human need. It angers Jennifer that poverty, hunger, homelessness and poor housing conditions are still a global problem in the twenty first century. Jennifer aims to make complex legal issues and processes accessible to her clients as they defend their homes and obtain suitable housing. With a legal career that spans 2 decades of legal study, advising and practicing in housing and debt matters, Jennifer finds it rewarding to identify her clients’ rights and ensure that their housing, care and support needs are recognized and met by social landlords. Jennifer freely admits that what she most enjoys is winning, as this means that clients retain their homes or gain accommodation. After more than a decade of work and practice in Northamptonshire, Milton Keynes Berkshire and London, Jennifer has developed expertise in acting for the homeless and those threatened with eviction, as well as improving housing conditions for clients whose lives are blighted by ill health, disrepair, anti-social behaviour and harassment. Jennifer likes a challenge and has now moved to Kent, where legally aided housing clients are very under represented – please call her at our Dartford office to discuss your case and funding options.

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