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Funding your case

At GT Stewart we recognise that facing any form of criminal investigation or prosecution is a stressful experience and that having to worry at the same time about funding your representation can often add to this anxiety. We therefore provide all of our clients with clear advice from the outset about their funding options and offer extremely competitive rates for those clients who fund their cases privately.

Where legal aid is available, we will always advise you of this and assist you with completing the necessary applications. Please contact us if you have any queries about whether you are eligible for legal aid. You may also wish to check any insurance policies that you have as these will often provide funding for legal representation in certain circumstances.

Police Station Interviews

If you have been arrested and taken to a police station in order to be interviewed under caution, then you are entitled to legal aid, regardless of your means. We understand that in some circumstances our clients may wish to instruct us privately to represent them in a police station interview and we have significant experience in this area. If you would like to discuss our rates, then please contact us to discuss this further.

Magistrates’ Court

Legal aid in the Magistrates’ Court is available to those that satisfy both a means test and can show that it is in the interests of justice for legal aid to be granted in their case. The Legal Aid Agency will require proof of your income when assessing your eligibility such as recent wage slips or bank statements. If you wish to apply for legal aid, our team will assist you with the application process and advise you on your eligibility.

Crown Court

Legal aid is available for the majority of our clients who face proceedings in the Crown Court although applications are means tested. In the event that your disposable income exceeds a specified threshold, you will have to make contributions to your legal representation during the course of the proceedings. These contributions will be returned to you in the event that you are successful at the conclusion of the case.

Private funding

If you are not eligible for legal aid or would prefer to fund your representation privately, then many of our clients instruct us on a private basis and we have a strong reputation for successfully representing clients in this way. Our private client team will discuss your case with you and provide you with a realistic and competitive quote, tailored to suit your needs. We understand that for many clients it is important that they have certainty about how much their representation is going to cost and we always aim to provide this from an early stage.

If you wish to discuss funding your case in this way please contact our private client team at our Blackfriars office.

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